Tucson, AZ
PRESIDENT: Hillbilly 520-343-2670 hillbillygocww@yahoo.com
VICE PRESIDENT: Jarhead - 520-255-9966 jarheadgocww@yahoo.com
SGT. AT ARMS: Popeye - 520-730-4427 spalten7544@msn.com
SECRETARY: Nitro - 520-450-6640 johndavidblue@gmail.com
TREASURER: Beano - 520-406-6243 pbm5737@gmail.com
CHILD LIAISON: Scooby - 520-210-1690 scoobygoc@yahoo.com
EVENTS COORDINATOR: Pie - 520-409-2311 jennsjaderose09@gmail.com
Local Resources
Governmental Agencies
Child Protective Services: 1-888-SOS-CHILD
Children's Services
Southern AZ Child Advocacy Center: 520-243-6420
Domestic Violence
Attorney General: 520-628-6504
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Shoot us an e-mail: Include your Name, Email, Phone (if you would like a call back), with a subject and your message.
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